What Am I All About?

I was born with cerebral palsy and live on my own.  I was born in the United States to Korean parents.  Cerebral palsy is a  physical disability due to the lack of oxygen to the brain.  I was born in the mid 70's.  Do the math and you will figure out my age.  At the time, the doctors did not know much about my disability.  They basically told my family that I will be a vegetable and there was no hope.  Luckily, my family ignored others' comments and took me home to become who I am now.

Due to my cerebral palsy, I am able to use my feet like they were my hands.  Like the character in My Left Foot.  I was able to use my feet at an early age and due to many years of physical therapy,  I can type, open doors, pickup pennies on the floor and all kinds of *things* with my feet.

There is nothing wrong with me.  I have never learned how to walk or use my hands, so I don't miss it.  So, stop your pity sympathy crap and let me be.

As you read on, my life might be better than your's.  Just because I cannot walk, does not mean I don't have a life.  So, open your minds and learn from others.

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