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Despite what others may think of me, I am educated, due to my eagerness to learn and my family's support.  I have two younger brothers (who are not disabled) and we are all well educated.  Both of my brothers are in the health care field, but I can barely use a letter opener with my feet, so open heart surgery wasn't an option.  Plus, I don't ever clip my toe nails.  

So, I decided to go into the tech field and have been working for Teacher Created Resources for some time now, but I am always looking to do more..

My family did not know what to do with me when it came to school.  My parents realized that I wasn't a basket case.  So, getting an education was important.

Carl Harvey was a school for the physically disabled.  They had preschool through high school.  HELL NO, I wasn't going to be traped in one school throughout my entire education.  

I have to give many thanks to my teachers at Carl Harvey for teaching me the basic fundamentals for me to succeed. ..

After a while, I out smarted the system and my parents decided to mainstream me in a regular Jr High.  YES, *puberty* hit during the right time and CHICS!!!

I went to Fountain Valley High School, where I lettered in Girls Softball.  I kept their stats and so on.  High school was lots of fun. and lots of partying.  

I received my AA degree at Orange Coast College.  I wasn't planning to be a lifer at OCC, so I transfer out of there as fast as I can and SEE YA!!!

I earned my BA in Speech Communication (ironic) at Cal State Long Beach.

Now, I know what you are thinking, "the cripple kid got a free pass.."  Well, other than getting great parking at malls, I do not play the cripple card, unless she is cute!!!

Besides school and my jobs, I am also on various organizations, such as California Department of Rehabilitation (ATAC), USC UCEDD, Orange County Goodwill (ATEC), and many others.

Contact me if you like to see the complete list and my resume.

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